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In partnership with architect and 3D-artist Alba de la Fuente, SolidNature’s natural world converges with the digital realm, exploring geometric concepts to redefine physical design. This initiative transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, simulating stone carving within the installation to create a distinctive living space that seamlessly blends art, architecture, and nature.

Natural stone takes centre stage, presenting an array of finishing options—polished, honed, bush hammered, and 3D—alongside versatile technique choices. Illustrating this, the bedroom design features a vibrant Molten Honey Comb Onyx as a bookmatch, while the full bathroom incorporates Cloud Whisper Onyx with backlit walls, adding depth to the overall design.

Through this project, SolidNature highlights the endless possibilities of natural stone, catering to projects of every scale – from grand residential spaces to smaller-scale interior transformations, and from exterior applications to intricate interior details.

About SolidNature

SolidNature is in pursuit of monumental wonder. This expresses their constant search, fearless focus and endless curiosity to reveal the treasures of the earth. Founded in 2011, this boutique natural stone and design brand is renowned for creating luxury interiors and exteriors for high-profile projects around the world. They make the impossible possible through experience, creativity and ingenuity, working with some of the most influential names in design, fashion and culture, including Prada, OMA, Fendi, Sabine Marcelis, Yves Saint Laurent and beyond.


Alba de la Fuente is an architect and visual artist, specialising in 3D, who in her brief professional career has already become a prominent exponent in the conceptualization and visualisation of imaginary architecture. Her dreamlike yet potentially real images have made her a highly sought-after artist and have collaborated with prominent figures such as Bofill, Tom Dixon, Charlotte Taylor, and Andrés Reisinger, among others.

Since 2020, she has been working as a 3D artist/architect, “I merge my knowledge of architecture with 3D design. I visualize spaces and their essence, focusing on architectural environments through textures, lights, shadows, and perspectives.”

Render by Visualizers. Credits: Solid Nature, Aram

Obelisco Wavy Travertine

Besides our grand made-to-measure projects SolidNature is known for, we also offer the entire collection of over 600 natural stones per slab and standard tile sizes. Making this the best choice for any scale projects. The standard tiles are available in the following sizes: 30×40, 60×60, 80×80, 90×90, 100×100, 120×40, 120×60, 120×120 cm.

For this particular project, we wanted to create a sense of calmness to contrast the other high-tonal materials. Therefore, we used Obelisco Wavy Travertine in 120×120 tiles for the floor and centre element throughout the entire space.

Trifolium Saffron Marble

Creating depth as its center of focus. The built-in kitchen allows the veins of the Trifolium Saffron Marble to beautifully extend from top to bottom, leaving no room for the imagination.

Zaar Cristallo Quartzite
Kitchen Table

As an extension of the kitchen, the dining table and stools are in the intense pink Zaar Cristallo Quartzite. The pink vein accents of the marble in the kitchen are accentuated and enhanced by the bright pink of the Zaar Cristallo Quartzite.

Render by Visualizers. Credits: Solid Nature, Aram

Cloud Whisper Onyx 

Surrounded in beauty reminiscent of the ocean, Cloud Whisper Onyx is a wonderful addition to the bathroom, with blue and white-cream tones meeting in an environment where water forms the base. Onyx has the property that it transmits light. By placing light behind the onyx shower wall, we have given the material an extra dimension and made it an eye-catcher. The shape of the bath is made using facets of onyx, allowing the veins of the plate to continue but creating the round shape of the design.

Render by Visualizers. Credits: Solid Nature, Aram

Huvafen Mint Onyx 
Living Room

In contrast to the floor, Huvafen Mint Onyx is used throughout the entirety of the living room. The round shape of the living room has been created by fluted Onyx. The fluted technique consists of shallow grooves running along a surface to achieve the beautiful curve.

Render by Visualizers. Credits: Solid Nature, Aram, Fama

Molten Honey Comb Onyx 

The back wall of the bedroom is an eyecatcher on itself with the stunning Molten Honey Comb Onyx in a bookmatch. The bookmatch technique makes the veins and colouring appear even more alluring because they are mirrored and follow on from each other to create a new imaginary design.

Honey Onyx

Forming the base of the bed is the Honey Onyx, which seemingly fuses the back wall and the bed into one entity.

Render by Visualizers. Credits: Solid Nature, Aram

Interior Fragrance Candle

An exclusive interior fragrance and onyx work of art. Experience its unique fragrance, also cleverly designed to light up every space. Available in two colour combinations.


  • Includes: Hand-blown glasswork candle holder, onyx stone object, candle cup
  • Material: Molten Honey Comb onyx, Lippizaner/Sunrise delight onyx, Verde Glacier onyx
  • Candle: 205cc
  • Approximate burning hours: 30hrs

Interior Fragrance Reed Diffuser Set

A luxurious scent inspired by the richness and layers of natural stone. Carefully crafted using natural ingredients. This fragrance is an experience, a whole journey through stone for the senses. Reflecting the diverse layers of the fragrance accords, the stone sculpture is layered from onyx offcuts in rare colours. Available in two colour combinations.


  • Size: 250ml
  • Material: Lippizaner White Onyx, Verde Glacier Onyx (green) and Magnolia Breeze Onyx (pink)
  • Dimensions: Object : 32cm high, 19cm width, 10cm depth