Archeology of silence



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We know what we are, but not what we may become. Alchemy of Styles. Both nostalgic and futuristic, Ossatura, an incredibly audacious space perched in the digital universe.

Designed by Gema Gutiérrez of Puntofilipino, the interior encompasses primary colors and layered muted tones with designer pieces. The combination of high-gloss lacquered woods with striking counterparts like marble, wallpaper, and microcement. The living room exhibits a modern sensibility while honoring the formality of historical architecture. The microcement floors bring a sense of nostalgia. The space blends a myriad of bright hues and tints, as well as layered volumes in contrast to the minimalist surroundings. ‘We avoided overloading the senses by creating a push-pull tension of polished, reflective, and matte elements, along with soft and strong elements.’ – Gema Gutiérrez.

About Lladró

Founded in 1953, Lladró is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and international distribution of a wide range of handmade porcelain creations. High-quality works made entirely by hand in Valencia, in the world’s only Lladró factory. Lladró is the success story of an iconic Spanish brand. After seven decades dedicated to handmade porcelain craftsmanship, Lladró has embraced its more experimental side with design creations or lighting collections signed by prominent international designers


With over 17 years of experience in interior design projects, Gema Gutiérrez practices in the field of experiential design, collaborating with prestigious brands such as Hermès Paris, Carlota Barrera, Roberto Verino, and Caviar Riofrío.

The work of her studio reaches its pinnacle in the design of spaces that combine limited and experimental concepts with carefully selected pieces. Each space conveys the unique design spirit of the studio while creating a distinct experience. Puntofilipino is a space design studio that explores the relationship between lighting, furniture, and objects within its environments. It emphasizes the importance of the human touch in giving soul to a space and provides a different, immersive experience to enrich the way of life. The goal is to create spaces that leave an emotional footprint.

Gema Gutiérrez is also a writer for El Hedonista magazine, where she covers trends, design, architecture, and fashion. She analyzes trends and is a speaker at various institutions, such as IED Madrid, IADE, and the Design Week at EAA, among others.

Gold Prize at the DNA Paris Design Awards 2023

Gold Prize in Architecture – Retail at the German Design Award 2023

Interior Designer of the Year 2022 AD magazine.

Render by Visualizers. Credits: Lladró, B&O, Glamora, Reflections Copenhagen, Galloti & Radice

Chandelier Mokuren

MOKUREN/ LIGHTING WITH SOUL is a collaborative masterpiece by Lladró and Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, blending craftsmanship and design. Inspired by the white magnolia tree’s enduring symbolism and beauty, Fukasawa envisioned the chandelier’s form through the lens of porcelain’s texture and qualities. Mokuren is a handmade marvel, with each flower meticulously crafted, emanating a warm, enveloping light through translucent porcelain petals. Its intricate structure mirrors magnolia branches in black lacquered aluminum, with adjustable LED lighting. Mokuren embodies nature, craftsmanship, and design, a true fusion of Kogei and illumination, showcasing the remarkable synergy between artistry and innovation.

Temps perdu

The Temps Perdu wall covering is a part of the Komorebi Collection: a series of wall coverings that advocate for a lifestyle guided by biophilic principles, inviting us to reconnect with nature.

This award-winning collection, recognized by the Compasso D’Oro award, draws its inspiration from the serene atmospheres of Japandi design and cleverly plays with the layering of natural elements and delicate overlaid patterns.

Komorebi fulfills the desires of those who appreciate elegance and seek interior design solutions that respect environmental sustainability.

The innovative material used is GlamPure, a high-quality, entirely organic vegetal covering. It is a non-woven fabric made from pure European flax that is compostable and eco-friendly. It not only enhances the aesthetics of interiors but also reflects a commitment to sustainable living.

Beovision Harmony

On or off. It’s showtime.
Your sound and vision. Taken to new, magical places. Glide into the moment with Beovision Harmony.

A Display of Design.

Why allow a blank screen to dominate your living room when you can welcome a true work of art into your home? Like a sculpture crafted from wood, fabric, and aluminum, Harmony commands attention and sparks conversation even when it’s switched off. And when you’re ready to enjoy it, it delivers an exceptional show. Its powerful speakers gracefully slide to the sides, and the television takes center stage. A masterful performance that elevates your television moments to a whole new level

The Guest

Lladró Atelier is the brand’s laboratory of ideas, where new and daring creative approaches are developed. A piece of porcelain in a purple tone on a yellow base, perfect for decorating contemporary environments.

Render by Visualizers. Credits: Lladró, Tonelli Design, B&B Italia, Fede

Chandelier Seasons

Art Deco and nature are the sources of inspiration for Seasons, a lighting collection that combines a recognizable exuberant artistic style by its streamlined lines and geometric patterns with the richness of color and shape of the different seasons of the year. In this way, the different seasons are reflected in the masterful treatment of color that transmits the particular beauty of each of them. Seasons is a versatile and evocative collection where nature dwells inside. The original design and visual impact of these lighting fixtures will make them stand out in any space.


PANTHER – ORIGAMI. The Origami collection, inspired by this Japanese art, which consists of shaping objects through the continuous folding of paper. The geometric treatment, from which this collection interprets the animal world, infuses the pieces with expressiveness and strength. A conceptual approach that turns these animals, made of porcelain, into indisputable decorative icons.

Render by Visualizers. Credits: Glamora, Gessi, Dimore Studio, Papadatos, Gervasoni 1882, Baxter, B&B, Galloti & Radice, Officine Gullo, Reflections Copenhagen, Fede, Tonelli Design

Chandelier Soft Blown

SOFT BLOWN BY NICHETTO STUDIO – The collaboration between Nichetto Studio and Lladró brings forth “Soft Blown,” comprising two lamps: the Afloat chandelier and Airbloom table lamp. Offered in various color options, the collection is inspired by the festive atmosphere of sunny days, reminiscent of streets adorned with street performers effortlessly crafting vibrant and intricate balloon art. Soft Blown exemplifies the synergy between Nichetto Studio’s expertise and Lladró’s porcelain lighting craftsmanship, enabling exploration of diverse shapes and decorative styles. This creative interchange results in genuinely distinctive outcomes, showcasing the fusion of contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship in a vibrant and versatile lighting collection.

Nightbloom Wall Sconce.

NIGHTBLOOM BY MARCEL WANDERS – Petals at Nightfall. Quietly they bloom and grow, the flowers of the night… This spectacular collection of porcelain lamps by world renowned Dutch design studio Marcel Wanders celebrates the delicate dance of unfurling petals and the blissful beauty of nature itself.

Conversation Vase II

FANTASY BY JAIME HAYON – The Fantasy is, in the words of Jaime Hayon, a “positive contamination” of his world to Lladró’s. The collection is composed of a series of original objects that awaken the fantasy of the viewer, a fusion between a classic theme of Lladró such as love and playful sense and the fantasy that the Spanish creative Jaime Hayon brings to his designs.

Ice Cream Portable Lamp. Medium. Black

ICE CREAM – Cool Creations. The creamy memory of an ice cream is captured in an eternal swirl with this stunning Ice Cream lamp. Its translucent matt white porcelain surface invites to the touch, while its sweet melting lines are bathed in a warm and golden glow.

Soft Blown Chandelier. Yellow (CE/UK)

Porcelain table lamp that is part of the Soft Blown collection, designed for Lladró by Luca Nichetto.

Render by Visualizers. Credits: Lladró, Glamora, Gessi, Dimore Studio, Papadatos, Gervasoni 1882, Baxter, B&B, Galloti & Radice, Officine Gullo, Reflections Copenhagen, Fede, Tonelli Design


Amadriadi is one of the wallcoverings from Creative Collection Chapter XIII: a collection available custom-made and in two finishes: the vinyl material GlamDecor and the non-woven material GlamTrace.

A candid shot illuminates the realm of the Hamadryads, true personifications of trees. The flash exposes tall grass and petal-laden stamens, transfiguring them into evanescent butterflies. This subject freely interprets the collection theme “Exploring enchanted kingdoms”. A starting point for an enthralling journey to explore new ways the plant kingdom may delight us. Suggestions of the archaic world, between myth and legend, where nymphs, beautiful and graceful divinities, adorned with flowers, can be found.

Render by Visualizers. Credits: Lladró, Glamora, Gessi, Dimore Studio, Papadatos, Gervasoni 1882, Baxter, B&B, Galloti & Radice, Officine Gullo, Reflections Copenhagen, Fede, Tonelli Design