The Hall



At the heart of the project, there is a space where design becomes a unique sensory experience. This hall and galleries connect the design spaces, transforming exhibited products into works of art. There is an atmosphere of calm, and every step becomes an invitation to explore.

The symphony of colors and textures unfolds as you walk through the galleries. Each exhibited product is a masterpiece that spectacularly fuses form and function.

The carefully designed environment transports you to a state of contemplation, where the mind opens and the senses sharpen. Each visit to this place becomes an exciting journey, an encounter with creativity in its purest form.

Designed by AHN studio

LAC5 freestanding cylindrical sink

Circular freestanding basin with stopper and
without overflow.
Made of Solid Surface.


designed by Noé Prades

BEATS collection is a harmonious blend of innovation and sustainability. The lamp, crafted from sound-absorbing material made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, stands out for its exceptional acoustic absorption capability.

In a world driven by constant motion and rhythm, from heartbeats to schedules, Noé has wondered how to capture the sound of life in a design that benefits the user.


designed by Erico Navazo

MEET is a decorative 100% plastic recycled acoustic panel y clad with wood on its exterior. an organic design that seamlessly complements the clean and rational lines of ECOnordik, drawing inspiration from the organic forms found in nature.

MEET offers the flexibility of installing acoustic panels in various positions, enhancing its versatility and giving the space its distinct character.

Beolab 28

Portability and Power

Reinvent the cinematic experience in your home with Beolab 28. A pair of stereo speakers that captivate wherever you choose to place them.

A delicate oak screen opens to reveal an inner grey cover, which floats above a natural aluminum floor stand.


The Complete Circle of Sonic Fidelity.

The sound of the future in your own home. Beosound A9 defies conventions at every turn.

A fusion of form and sound in an iconic customizable speaker. Power delivered by seven drivers. Form supported by a century of craftsmanship.

Beosound 2

Classic Floor Stand Speakers
A high-end active speaker that combines innovative audio technology, elegant aesthetics, and meticulous craftsmanship.

A speaker that exceeds expectations time and time again. Precision-tuned to deliver a balanced and rich sound, whether you’re listening to music or enjoying a movie.

Prepare for an unparalleled show of music and cinematic soundscapes thanks to Bang & Olufsen’s patented technology.


Let it Unfold its Magic

Choose your own unique materials to reinvent Beovision Harmony for your interior space.

Speak with an expert today and start crafting Beovision Harmony tailored to your projects with us.