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At the heart of this project lies the vision of Erico Navazo, who has imprinted his distinctive style, which he describes as “serene and honest,” onto a space that transcends the boundaries of convention. Here, serenity intertwines with honesty, creating a natural, cultured, and luxuriously austere environment that, far from being less astonishing, is a truly unique undertaking.

Erico Navazo sought not only to create aesthetically appealing spaces but also to design environments that would genuinely enrich the lives of those who experience them. His words reflect his passion: “I wanted to create a beautiful environment, a lived space.” In this regard, what truly gratifies him is observing how his work evokes genuine emotions in those who enjoy it.

In addition to crafting spaces, Erico creates atmospheres where elegance and authenticity merge in a harmonious dance. His influence endures in the field of interior design, and his mark is reflected in every project he undertakes.

For Erico Navazo, good decoration is never imposing, it is never harsh, and it is always discreet and sensitive. It places value not on the furniture or the object but on its owner, reflecting their preferences and aesthetic tastes, culture, and personality in a compelling manner. Ordered, discreet, simple, and imbued with an air of refined austerity that renders them timeless, Erico Navazo’s decorations are a well-composed symphony, unique and incredibly perfectionist.


With balanced elegance and an innate sense of discretion, Navazo has risen as one of the most prominent interior designers of his generation. His ability to dazzle without resorting to artifice has earned him a reputation that transcends borders.

The foundations of his distinguished career were laid at the School of Arts, where he cultivated his passion for design. However, destiny had a collaboration in store that would change his life and leave a profound imprint on his style: Pascua Ortega, an influential interior designer renowned for his brilliance and generosity. The influence of this experience is reflected in his passionate and authentic approach to interior design.

The year 2000 marked a milestone in his career with the establishment of the Erico Navazo firm. Since then, he has focused on interior design, where he pays meticulous attention to detail and examines furniture and objects with the precision of a surgeon.

INTERIORES magazine Award 2022 for Interior Designer of the Year.

AD Interiores 2019 Award for Best Design and Professional of the Year.

Marbella Design 2019 Award for Professional Excellence.

Render by Visualizers. Credits: Ormo’s, Apparatus studio, Dessaive, Drouot, Collection Particuliere, Pierre Frey, ka internacional

Ariadna seat

Designed by Erico Navazo

In the realm of furniture design, the armchair conceived by Erico Navazo stands as a prime example of excellence. Its metal structure and the use of 35 kg HR foam reflect an unwavering commitment to quality and durability.

What truly sets this piece apart is its suspension system, enriched with straps and zigzag springs. This choice goes beyond aesthetics; it represents a bold statement in terms of ergonomics and comfort.

Erico Navazo’s armchair delivers a seating experience that transcends conventional expectations, invoking a feeling of weightlessness with every moment of repose. With its metal structure and its exclusive suspension system, it embodies the pinnacle of contemporary furniture design.

Arturo Chair

Designed by Erico Navazo

In the universe of design furniture, the chair designed by Erico Navazo emerges as a testament to unsurpassed elegance and quality. Crafted with a oven-lacquered iron structure and equipped with 35 kg HR foam, along with a cold foam seat, this masterpiece represents the epitome of functional art.

A fusion of elegance and excellence, this chair is a manifestation of creativity and innovation in the world of interior design. It is an invitation to comfort and luxury, and a tribute to the unmatched vision of its creator.


Designed By Erico Navazo

Erico Navazo’s chair stands as a supreme example of timeless design, transcending trends and eras, a feat of singularity and versatility.

What truly sets this chair apart is its customization capability. With a variety of fabric options to choose from, each chair becomes a blank canvas.

The metal structure and the 35 kg HR foam are testament to the quality that always accompanies Navazo’s creations. Comfort and durability are guaranteed, while the suspension with straps and zigzag springs elevates the seating experience to a higher level, providing unparalleled ergonomic support.

Elisabeth lounge

Designed by Erico Navazo

This sofa is a masterpiece of sophistication and comfort, available in a wide range of fabrics and two sizes, accommodating any space and personal style.

The attention to detail in the design is evident in every element of this creation. With cold foam seats and backrest, the comfort is unparalleled. The hidden legs and the entirely beechwood structure add a touch of elegance.

But what truly sets this sofa apart is its suspension system. Navazo has incorporated a suspension with nea webbing and zigzag springs, ensuring exceptional ergonomic support and an unmatched seating experience.

Beovision Eclipse

Crafted sound and design harmony

With the world’s finest TV sound system, Beovision Eclipse TV is designed to integrate beautifully with your lifestyle

All-in-one music system.
Beovision Eclipse has a three-channel sound system, providing the ability to deliver speech-optimised centre channel audio as well as powerful stereo performance.

Clear-cut visions
A sharp, black glass screen cutting straight through an organic aluminium body. It’s a bold and clear design statement of picture and sound in perfect alignment.

Render by Visualizers. Credits: B&O, Ormo’s, Collection Particuliere, James Malone, Apparatus studio

Dekton GK07CEPO

The characteristic multiform gray-blue structure of the Italian Ceppo di Gré stone inspires this unique color. Ideal for both indoors and outdoors, its timeless design makes it a perfect option for classic or modern environments.

Dekton TK05 SABBIA

The grain of this reinterpretation of Italian Travertine runs through each piece in a disorderly and colorful way, filling them with nuances. This attractive chromatic recoding of natural stone maximizes the strength of its original design, giving it incomparable beauty and resistance, perfect for rustic or natural environments

Render by Visualizers. Credits: Ormo’s, Apparatus studio, Dessaive, Drouot, Collection Particuliere, Pierre Frey, ka internacional