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This space is the reflection of a passionate interior designer who has turned her dedication into a true work of art. It is presented as an authentic sensory temple, where sustainable elements and materials are the protagonists.

Lighting and home automation are used masterfully to create diverse environments that adapt to needs and mood, offering an environment that relaxes, heals and uplifts, all in one. The introduction of organic shapes and elements of vegetation add a natural and harmonious touch to the design. Backlit organically shaped vertical surfaces and ceilings create impressive visual effects and contribute to the changing atmosphere of the space. Curved furniture, natural finishes and sandblasted textures combine to produce an exceptional sensory sensation.


De innato espíritu creativo. Alejandra Pombo inició su trayectoria profesional en el renombrado estudio Pascua Ortega, focalizándose en la actualidad en proyectos de alto-standing dentro del ámbito Contract como restaurantes y hoteles.

Alejandra Pombo studio is not limited to the creation of aesthetically attractive spaces; He immerses himself in each project, adopting its philosophy and lifestyle. It could be considered the perfect tool to infuse the project with a balance between aesthetics and functionality, making spaces communicate, evoking unmatched sensations. Ultimately, its goal is to generate experiences. Each project, conceived as unique, carries its own essence, expressing itself eloquently without the need for explanations.

Render by Visualizers. Credits: Mayice Studio, Andres Reisinger, Onwall, Nucleo, Ormo’s, Miniform


Round bathtub with high comfort and durability features made of Mineral Composite, a material composed of 75% dolomite rock and 25% elastic resin. Along with its silky touch, it stands out for its acoustic and thermal insulation qualities. The Nanocoat coating on the external side gives it high resistance to loss of gloss, facilitates maintenance and is antibacterial. In addition, it is customizable in any color from the RAL Classic palette.


Freestanding bathtub tap with 230 mm long spout, single-lever mixer and hand shower. The total height of the piece is 840 mm, for floor mounting. The faucet is made of brass and is available in up to 10 different finishes: Matte White, Brushed Copper, Brushed Rose Copper, Chrome, Gunmetal, Natural Brass, Matte Black, Brushed Nickel, Bright Gold and Brushed Gold.


Single-lever mixer installed on the wall, with Ø18x150mm spout. Made of brass and available in up to 6 different finishes: Matte White, Brushed Copper, Chrome, Matte Black, Brushed Nickel and Brushed Gold.


Freestanding washbasin with a circular design made of Solid Surface, a technologically advanced material with wide customization possibilities. The Solid Surface provides a matte finish, with a silky touch that can be customized in any color of the RAL Classic palette. A functional piece, with a refined design, timeless style and high quality features.

Render by Visualizers. Credits: Iconico, Malabar, Miniform

Pietra Campaspero

A collection in tune with the most current trends in interior design and architecture. What was previously considered simply a traditional stone has undergone a notable transformation, now rising to the category of an exclusive and differentiating element. A minimalist design, which thanks to its neutral tones transfers an expression of elegance and sophistication to the space.

Cheppo di Gré

Inspiration that reflects the rich architectural tradition of Italy. This material, rooted in the history of Italian construction, brings exceptional uniqueness to the space where it is applied. Its unique appearance, with a harmonious fusion of pebbles embedded in a matrix of lighter hues, is a testament to natural beauty.

Render by Visualizers. Credits: Iconico, Malabar, Miniform