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Under the leadership of Amir Hossein Noori, AHN emerges as a creative design studio that transcends conventional boundaries. Specializing in creating spaces that blend elements of surrealism, minimalism, and vibrant aesthetics, both in the physical and virtual worlds, AHN has become a beacon of innovation in the design universe.

The AHN studio is not just a creator of spaces but a storyteller. Their philosophy revolves around crafting meaningful and memorable experiences through design. They believe in the power of storytelling, which drives each of their projects. The spaces they design become blank canvases where stories come to life, connecting with the emotions and senses of those who experience them.

However, AHN does not rest in tradition; it boldly pushes the limits of what is possible. They draw from the most cutting-edge and innovative design methodologies, challenging conventions to create truly exceptional spaces. Their bold and imaginative approach not only redefines interior design but also sparks a revolution in how we perceive and experience spaces.

AHN is a beacon of creativity and originality in the world of design. Their commitment to creating meaningful experiences through design places them at the forefront of the field of interior design, inspiring others to explore new horizons and embrace storytelling through space.


Amir Hossein Noori is a visionary architect and the founder and creative director of AHN Studio. With an education from RIBA/ARB Part II at the London School of Architecture, Amir established a career in architecture and design that transcends conventional boundaries.

Amir has led his own studio, AHN, since completing his education and gaining valuable experience working for multiple renowned studios in London. Throughout his career, he has left his imprint on a diverse array of projects, ranging from private residential to ambitious urban development projects, demonstrating a versatility and design mastery that is unparalleled.

Amir is distinguished by his unwavering interest in the intersection of design and technology. He has followed an unorthodox path in architecture and design, where he not only conceives exceptional architectural projects but also pioneers initiatives in technology, the metaverse, AI and virtual reality

Special Mention in the Architizer Vision Awards 2023. Categories: “Architect Creator of the Year” and “Best AI Visualization.