Top interior designers that tie together with innovation for design brands


DecoHub is a source of inspiration and a reference point in the field of Design and Interiors. On this platform, designers and their creations take center stage, products become works of art, and every space is a statement of style. DecoHub is poised to revolutionise the way the world of Design presents its ideas and products to the market.


DecoHub is born as a pioneering concept for professionals and leading design brands looking to impact by immersive and inspiring experiences, in the form of exhibition galleries, limited edition, pop-up or private launch presentations. The possibilities for innovation and renewal are endless.


DecoHub transforms how interior design, architecture, and decoration are promoted and showcased, harnessing technology and the synergy among experts in the world of Design. The platform collaborates with multiple studios, events, and designers, aiming to provide unique and immersive experiences in a space brimming with inspiration.


Technology and innovation are the fundamental pillars of this project. Immerse yourself in an experience, where the architecture of the multi-space, generated by artificial intelligence (AI), goes from the conceptualization of spaces designed by leading interior designers, to high-quality technical and artistic 3D visual representation, and finally, to dive into the immersive experience (VR)

What does DecoHub offer?






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